Good Mother Stallard

Good Mother Stallard

Good Mother Stallard Bean

Our Most Popular 2013 Product!

First grown in Africa and later brought to the United States, these brightly colored, luscious, meaty beans have been a favorite in the eastern US since they arrived here. Used in stews, soups, chili and as standalone dishes because they are delicious! We often have people comment on the color of these beans and the consistency of the flesh. Chip Morris at Mohr-Fry Ranches said this is because of the quality of the soil at the Thornton Ranch with the Sierra snow water run-off of the Mokelumne River running right through the ranch and next to the fields.

Many cooks list this as their favorite bean and it is hard to disagree with customers…although we don’t know who Mother Stallard was, she sure knew her beans - and we all should be grateful!