Hidatsa Red

Hidatsa Red

Hidatsa Red Bean

This heirloom bean was originally obtained from the Hidatsa tribe of the Missouri River Valley of North Dakota. Traditionally, the Hidatsa people collected the seeds after allowing the pods to dry on the plant.  Once the seeds were dry, they would manually break open each pod in order to collect the seeds. 

The Hidatsa Red Beans are dark red seeds that taste similar to a very intense kidney bean, with a bit of a 'nutty' flavor.

These beans were listed on the Ark of Taste list as being close to extinct in heritage form. Chip Morris can be credited to bringing them back to life by painstakingly growing plants to gain seed stock and then again, and again until there was enough quality seed to plant and harvest.

We now feature these beans in some of our signature chili and soups - wonderful color and flavor.