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Is the chili really hot?


Is your chili spicy hot?

Mom always said the heat could be added, but if we over-spice we can’t remove the heat!

Dad said he wanted the chili to taste like a party for your mouth, but not dance all night! Well said…

We have learned more about spices and the quality of spices is better now than in the 1960’s with more emphasis on fresher products and better quality. There are some very good vendors in that business and we work with some of them.

We serve our chili with fixings’ and people are encouraged to dress up their chili to their favorite taste – some like more hot sauce or jalapeños, others prefer diced tomatoes and onions, some like crackers and some love our sourdough cornbread and just about everyone tops off with cheese – it’s a personal thing and chili is as unique as you are! Dig in and have fun – be creative!


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