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One thing we came across is the importance of using non-tap water when making our Sourdough Honey Cornbread. Whatever is put in the community well water - at least in our area - makes it tough for the sourdough starter to activate like it usually does. Had the tangy flavor, but not the texture we like to see.

Actually, Liz at Marie Callender's Commercial Division and I were talking and she mentioned they experienced trouble with their famous Gold Rush Sourdough Starter and traced it back to city water. Liz suggested trying bottled water or boiling and cooling the water - which is a pain because of the cooling time - anyway, it worked!

We use Buttermilk as our liquid and allow for some time for the batter to rest before baking and it is good stuff! That Marie Callender mix is good stuff to use if you don't want to go to all the trouble we do - but, of course we are partial to our own San Francisco Sourdough Starter and make ours from scratch. No offense to Liz!!



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    Chili tip- if your family has weak tolerance of heat like mine does, you can replace some or all of the cayenne pepper with paprika. The flavor will change a little bit- more smoky, but still pepper-like without all the heat.

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