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Recipes, Tips and Ideas!

 This is where you can share your special recipe that was passed along to you from your friends or family - OR - something you have created! We love sharing ideas... One thing we came across is the importance of using non-tap water when making our Sourdough Honey Cornbread. Whatever is put in the community well water - at least in our area - makes it tough for the sourdough starter to activate like it usually does. Had the tangy flavor, but not the texture we like to see. Actually, Liz at Marie Callender's Commercial Division and I were talking...

Is the chili really hot?

  Is your chili spicy hot? Mom always said the heat could be added, but if we over-spice we can’t remove the heat! Dad said he wanted the chili to taste like a party for your mouth, but not dance all night! Well said… We have learned more about spices and the quality of spices is better now than in the 1960’s with more emphasis on fresher products and better quality. There are some very good vendors in that business and we work with some of them. We serve our chili with fixings’ and people are encouraged to dress up...

Award winning chili?

  One question that always is asked… Has your chili won any awards at Chili Cook-off Contests? Actually, we have never competed in a contest! We think the contests look like a lot of fun to attend and have some fun, but here’s the deal… We make chili for people to eat! It is cooked longer and rested under refrigeration for the flavors to blend and become better. Competition chili is made for a quick taste by several judges – it is similar to wines – some great wines are wonderful for fragrance and palette tasting – but not necessarily...

"The musical fruit..." What about the gas???!

What about the gas???! We love this question and actually have an answer for greatly reducing the “musical toot!” What causes the gas and flocculants is the sugars that seep from the beans during soaking and cooking. The sugars that are now in the cooking water mix with the enzymes in our lower intestines as our bodies try to break down the sugars and Yippee!  We have successfully made our bodies into little refineries! Here is what we do to help with this: Rinse the dry beans several times with cool, clean water. Soak the beans for several hours until...

What is the difference?

  What is the difference between Heritage/Heirloom Beans and ‘regular’ beans? Now, before we too harshly or improperly judge “Big business in agriculture” we need to also realize that to feed a hungry world and maintain low consumer costs and deal with a host of regulations, inspections and hundreds of other things, the agricultural industry has done a tremendous job. Seeds are altered to be more disease resistant and require less chemical management and water. The genes are altered in the seed to determine a consistent size for mechanized planting, harvesting and offering a very long shelf life for long...