Welcome To Good, Honest, Delicious Food!

You deserve good food! Healthy Food! Delicious Food that fills your home with great smells! Food that makes the children of all ages come to the dinner table on time! You deserve food that leads to laughter and conversation! You deserve food that doesn’t take forever to prepare – and something the kids or partner might enjoy helping with!

We want to help!

Chili Smith Family Foods is just that – good foods for the whole family. We make nothing fancy, just good, nutritious and delicious foods that bring the family together for some conversation and maybe a little laughter.

Our chili and beans feature genuine heritage or heirloom beans and we like them so much we also grow them with our friends at Mohr-Fry Ranches in northern California. If you haven’t experienced these fresh from the farm dried beans – you are in for a treat! If you have tried our beans – you already know how much better they are than what is normally available in grocery stores. 

Just like you, we love good foods; we love good friends and we love gatherings where that magical ingredient of love, laughter and conversation makes the food even better.

We love to share, so we ask for your favorite recipes and ideas as we believe part of the experience of cooking and eating is sharing! We are committed to quality foods and helping us all become better cooks, parents, partners and friends!