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Good Mother Stallard

Beans | In stock

Our Most Popular Product - And For Good Reason & Taste!

First grown in Africa and later brought to the United States, these brightly colored, luscious, meaty beans have been a favorite in the US since they arrived here. Good Mother has a different aroma when cooking - the grandchildren say it smells like Love! the flavor is not like any other bean and we mean that as a compliment - they are just delicious.

Stand alone as a pot of beans, smash them with a little Olive Oil and Garlic, chill them and add to leftovers or sauteed veggies - all are good.

Many cooks list this as their favorite bean and it is hard to disagree with our fans…although we don’t know who Mother Stallard was, she sure knew her beans - and we all should be grateful!

Are you looking for this bean in bulk? Click here for the 25 and 50-pound bulk bag.


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