Green Black-Eye
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Green Black-Eye

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Green Black-Eye


Featured at Healing Journey's Cancer Fighting Kitchen!


Originating in West Africa and now popular all over the globe for many popular local dishes, these lovely beans retain the nice green color and wonderful texture. They are excellent in a sauce or soup and in the natural juices of lamb, pork and some wild game preparation.

They don't require pre-soaking - you can bring to rolling boil, turn off, cover for 30 minutes and drain - if they are not tender yet - give them another few minutes. Easy and fast to prepare - if adding to soups, just add the beans to the broth for the last 30 minutes of cook time. Like Red Bean and Rice - these Green Black-eyes can mix with  rice as well.

Mardi gras anyone? Celebrating New Years Day is not the same without the good luck promised from these delightful beans and you can enjoy them any time!

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