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Pebbles Bulk

Beans | In stock


Diverse Coloration and Wonderful Flavor!

Pebbles are nature’s way of showing off! Bright, beautiful to look at and almost shiny like the stones on the coast or in a cold trout stream, these beans are not just beautiful - they cook! Popular with professional chefs because of the beauty and solid bite experience whether served hot or chilled.

They have a wonderful stand alone flavor, but also blend into soups, salads, chili and side dishes.

We love the unique and bright look and always look forward to harvest time because we never know - all these colors come from the same plant and it is fun to see what colors appear. We notice our beans are slightly larger than normal - it is our soil - the flavor is not diminished at all. Order early because the chefs and commercial users have really started to take interest in this bean.

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