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Runner Cannellini

Beans | In stock

Runner Cannellini

Big Buttery Flavor with Tender Texture!

Runner Cannellini beans are very distinct in taste and appearance from regular Cannellini beans. They are still Phaseolus vulgaris, but larger and nuttier than Cannellini.

Chefs and great home cooks from Italy requested friends and family traveling to bring all they could smuggle aboard! Our seed stock is authentic heirloom and the beans are magnificent! They are big, tender and filled with flavor and the most popular bean we grow.

We are sometimes asked about the size because these are probably twenty percent larger than what is normally seen in stores. They are not tough or bland - just big.  They are truly wonderful.

If you come by when we are demonstrating our beans and offering samples - this is likely to be one of the beans. One bite is all it takes and you will not want any other Runner Cannellini bean.

Mama mia, this is a good bean!

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