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Twyla’s Table – Plant-based Cooking Class July 27


July 27, 2024 1:00 pm - July 27, 2024 2:30 pm
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Chili Smith Family Foods



Twyla’s Table – Plant-based Cooking Classes – Last Saturday of the Month

Saturday, July 27, 1 pm- 2:30


Step up your culinary game with our Plant-Based Kitchen class focused on beans! Learn how to prepare delicious, nutritious plant-based meals using beans as the star ingredient. This class is a must-attend for anyone looking to enrich their culinary repertoire with versatile, plant-based options.

What this class covers:

  • Different types of beans and their health benefits
  • Basic techniques for cooking and seasoning beans
  • Recipes for main dishes and sides using beans
  • Tips for incorporating beans into everyday meals

Class Notes:

In this class, we explored the diverse and nutritious world of beans, focusing on their versatility as a cornerstone of plant-based cooking. We discussed different types of beans, their health benefits, and practical ways to integrate them into various meals, ensuring you can easily adapt these ideas into your daily cooking routines.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps:

  • Explore Bean Varieties: Familiarize yourself with different bean types such as kidney, garbanzo, and black beans. Each offers unique flavors and textures, enhancing a variety of dishes.
  • Cooking Mastery: Refine your skills in preparing beans by practicing the soaking and cooking techniques shared today. Achieving the perfect texture can transform your dishes.
  • Recipe Experimentation: Utilize the recipes provided in the class to create hearty mains and satisfying sides. Feel encouraged to tweak spices and ingredients based on your preference to personalize your meals.
  • Daily Integration: Integrate beans into your meals regularly to reap their health benefits. Try them in salads, stews, or as a rich, protein-packed addition to breakfast dishes.
  • Continued Learning: Keep exploring new bean recipes and cooking methods. Beans are economical and healthful, making them ideal for experimenting with new culinary creations without much risk.
All classes are $39.95 per attendee
Will include food to eat and take home
PLUS a 10% discount on all purchases that day