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One question that always is askeda| Has your chili won any awards at Chili Cook-off Contests?

Actually, we have never competed in a contest! We think the contests look like a lot of fun to attend and have some fun, but hereas the deala|

We make chili for people to eat! It is cooked longer and rested under refrigeration for the flavors to blend and become better. Competition chili is made for a quick taste by several judges a it is similar to wines a some great wines are wonderful for fragrance and palette tasting a but not necessarily a adrinkera you would serve with a meal.

We make a chili without beans, but we really like what our heritage beans do for the eating experience and we really like the fact that it is good for us to eat that delicious source of protein and fiber. The CASI competition chilias forbid the use of beans. What are they thinking??? Just kidding! We appreciate the Texas and Oklahoma style chili and we make some that are similar.

We like to think the customers we serve are a bit like a competition. In that arena, we do very well because our chilias are loved and reordered by everyone a and especially the children! We do love to sample our products to lots of people a not just judges a to see what they think.

2 thoughts on “One question that always is askeda| Has your chili won any awards at Chili Cook-off Contests?”

  1. Yes!
    Our So Good! Healthy Veggie Chili has won several awards and was featured on the Food Network!
    the rest of our chili formulas are designed to be simmered and rested before serving to enhance the flavors and create something for the masses to enjoy – not just for judges to taste a few minutes after cooking.
    In those contests, we do well with “peoples favorite” but only have won twice!! Sigh.

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