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What is the difference between Heritage/Heirloom Beans and ‘regular’ beans?

Now, before we too harshly or improperly judge “Big business in agriculture” we need to also realize that to feed a hungry world and maintain low consumer costs and deal with a host of regulations, inspections and hundreds of other things, the agricultural industry has done a tremendous job. Seeds are altered to be more disease resistant and require less chemical management and water. The genes are altered in the seed to determine a consistent size for mechanized planting, harvesting and offering a very long shelf life for long storage times. That is why the beans we buy in a grocery store can be acquired for less than $2 a pound. It is an amazingly well orchestrated system and it works pretty well – for distribution.

All-natural products such as our heritage beans are not all exactly the same – plus they do not offer the same high yield per acre as genetically altered beans. They are much more expensive to grow and have a shorter shelf life. They must be distributed and used while fresh – within a year or two maximum.

So – the question is why? Why do we grow them? Then answer is FLAVOR! These are just better beans. Higher nutrition values, better protein levels and much more natural fiber content are just some of the reasons. We love them and you will too.

Beans are one of nature’s most healthy organisms for us to eat – they are very good for us. Whether you choose heritage or genetically altered beans – they should be part of your diet on a regular basis. Legumes are powerful little packages of energy! Heritage/heirloom are just that much better for you and again – it’s the flavor!

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